My Rules:
I can draw original or fanart characters in any sexy scene and pose you desire.

I won't draw
Underage characters, shota, guro, scat, vore, drugs, oviposition, bestiality or sexual acts with real animals.
My Pricelist (approximate):
260 Extra Votes:
1 to 2 characters in lewd pinup foreplay or masturbation
371 Extra Votes:
'1 to 3 characters having sex' or '1 character involved in a gangbang with 2 or more characters'

My Active Requests at WHentai:

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I've been looking to update my logo by adding some (likely two) slutty girls draped over it. "Big tiddy goth gf" aesthetic preferred. The hourglass should remain mostly the same, but feel free to have one of the girls wearing the top hat. This is a porn logo, so feel free to make these girls as overtly sexual as possible. [img id="db573be49530c211c841c02567175960"]
Added: 2018-07-24 16:20:51
WA2000 from Girls Frontline, solo masturbation [img id="d65dc7bb560ad3805a7000b36f962f64"] [img id="63fd6479fea9f4b084ce9b8b0c8e30be"]
Added: 2018-06-13 17:57:18